Approaches to Identify Policies for Competition Assessment

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An important part of the competition advocacy work is to provide input to policymakers by evaluating the competition impact of a given policy measure and making recommendations to help mitigate negative effects. However, the amount of laws and regulations that constitute the framework for business is overwhelming. So, how do competition agencies identify rules and regulations that may hinder the efficient functioning of competition in markets? This note focuses on various approaches to identify policies for competition assessment.

This report presents input from Advocacy Working Group members on approaches to identify candidate provisions for competition assessment. The emphasis has been, particularly, to identify innovative approaches to ex officio identification of candidates for competition assessment, in line with the focus of the work of the ICN Advocacy Working Group for 2018-2020. The report complements previous work by the AWG on Competition assessment, i.e. Recommended Practices on Competition Assessment (2014) and Framework of Competition Assessment Regimes (2015).

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