ICN’s members have developed a substantial body of resources and policy guidance designed to improve enforcement cooperation. This work includes comparative reports, non-binding recommendations and frameworks, roundtable discussions, and practical tools for improving enforcement cooperation in different enforcement areas.

This webpage provides an overview of ICN work related to international enforcement cooperation, divided in three sections: recommendations and guidance, practical tools, and reports. For any query, please contact the ICN Special Project Group on International Cooperation.

Recommendations and Guidance

Recommended Practices for Merger Notification & Review Procedures, RP X. Interagency Enforcement Cooperation (2018)Practical Guide to International Enforcement Cooperation in Mergers (2015)Guidance on Enhancing Cross-border Leniency Cooperation (2020)International Cooperation & Information Sharing in Cartel Investigations (2013)

Practical Tools

Module: Introduction to International Cooperation


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This Report outlines key aspects of the current state of international enforcement co-operation between competition authorities. The findings are enriched by case studies of successful cooperation, examples of cooperation agreements and provisions, ICN and OECD resources and tools for cooperation, as well as an overview of several regional cooperation networks. The Report proposes future areas of focus and development for consideration by competition authorities, the ICN, the OECD and other interested parties.

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This Report was prepared on the basis of the joint OECD-ICN Questionnaire on International Enforcement Cooperation, which aimed at understanding the day-to-day experiences of competition agencies implementing international cooperation. The Report focuses on the ICN members’ views concerning the usefulness of ICN cooperation-related work, identifying needs and priorities for future cooperation work. It is complementary to the OECD report based on the same Questionnaire, which discusses the experiences and limitations of competition agencies with international cooperation in case-related activities

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The MWG took a survey of ICN member experience using the Framework and suggestions for improvement of the Framework to promote more efficient and effective information exchanges among ICN member authorities. The Report discusses the results of the survey.

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The ICN held a Roundtable on Enforcement Cooperation on March 29, 2011 to deepen the discussion of enforcement cooperation within the network. The roundtable was the first ICN program to specifically address international enforcement cooperation across competition enforcement areas (cartel, merger, and unilateral conduct). The roundtable provided participants with an interactive forum in which they could share experience in small agency-only groups and with non-governmental advisors.

The Report outlines the key topics discussed, inter alia, cooperation tools and the types of cases in which they are used, confidentiality and privilege considerations, as well as effective approaches and impediments to cooperation.

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The report on cooperation between competition agencies in cartel investigations identifies the types of cooperation possible in such investigations, based upon the results of a questionnaire sent to ICN members. The report also identifies possible ways to improve cooperation.

OECD and UNCTAD have also developed work to support international enforcement cooperation.