Series II Horizontal RestraintsModule II-6: Encouraging Cartel Reporting

This module addresses methods and techniques used to optimize and streamline the cartel reporting processes. Produced by CMA, with contributions from the NZCC and the CCB, the video looks at how to encourage people to report anti-competitive activity when they have spotted a cartel, and what challenges and emotions they might go through before reporting. The module will detail how to manage reports and whistle-blowers to help ensure they remain on the reporting journey and ensure that their information is kept safe and handled correctly. Among the techniques explored in this video are the use of behavioural insights to inform engagement with potential reports/whistle-blowers, screening techniques to help categorise and triage reports, training for call handlers on building rapport and trust, the handling of requests for anonymity and rewards, and how to evaluate and manage information.

Year published: 2021


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