Anti-Cartel Enforcement Manual

The Anti-Cartel Enforcement Manual is a compilation of the investigative approaches used by ICN Members possessing differing levels of experience. Each chapter explores techniques employed at various stages of anti-cartel enforcement and identifies approaches that have proven effective and successful.

Competition enforcement systems differ across jurisdictions. In this regard, the Manual does not represent a comprehensive guide for the enforcement of laws concerning hard-core cartels. Rather, it is intended to be a reference tool for agencies to enable them to evaluate and benchmark their own approaches. The Manual is a “living” document that may evolve as new techniques, technologies, and approaches are developed and implemented. The Manual includes practical discussions and tips based on member agency practices covering the following topics, organised by chapter.

Links to Chapters:

Searches, Raids and Inspections (2009)Drafting and Implementing an Effective Leniency Policy (2014)Digital Evidence Gathering (2021)Cartel Case Initiation (2021)Investigative Strategy (2021)Interviewing Techniques (2008)Cartel Case Resolution (2011)Cartel Awareness, Outreach & Compliance (2012)International Cooperation and Information Sharing (2013)Relationships between Competition Agencies & Public Procurement Bodies (2015)Development of Private Enforcement of Competition Law (2019)