Unilateral Conduct Workbook

The ICN Unilateral Conduct Workbook is a compilation of the approaches used by ICN Members to analyse unilateral conduct. Each chapter explores techniques and approaches to various aspects of unilateral conduct, often by specific type of conduct. The workbook is based on the Group’s conduct work, recommended practices on dominance, and reports on the objectives of unilateral conduct laws, assessment of dominance, and state-created monopolies.

Competition enforcement systems differ across jurisdictions. In this regard, the Manual does not represent a comprehensive guide for the enforcement of laws concerning unilateral conduct. Rather, it is intended to be a reference tool for agencies to enable them to evaluate and benchmark their own approaches. The Manual includes practical discussions and tips based on member agency practices.


1. Objectives of Unilateral Conduct Laws2. Analytical Framework3. Assessment of Dominance/Substantial Market Power4. Predatory Pricing Analysis5. Exclusive Dealing/Single Branding6. Tying and Bundling

Unilateral Conduct Working Group Questionnaires & Responses