Advocacy Toolkits

Advocacy Toolkit: Advocacy Process and Tools

Advocacy Process and Tools: This toolkit provides an overview of the advocacy process and the range of tools available to share and disseminate alternative approaches to advocacy. It provides a useful, practical guide to competition agencies looking to amend or refresh their current approaches.

Advocacy Toolkit: Effective Communication of a Competition Advocacy Message

Effective Communication of a Competition Advocacy Message: This toolkit focuses on how agencies promote competition advocacy messages and includes case studies from AWG member agencies.

Advocacy Reports

Competition Culture Project Report (2015)Framework of Competition Assessment Regimes (2015)Explaining the Benefits of Competition: Interim Report 2012Assessment of ICN Members’ Requirements & Recommendations: ICN Work on Competition Advocacy (2009)Business Outreach by ICN members: Challenges and Case Studies (2006)Consumer Outreach Report (2005)Advocacy in Regulated Sectors: Case Studies (2005)Advocacy in Regulated Sectors (2004)Report on Advocacy Provisions (2003)Advocacy Case Studies: Telecommunications, Energy, Airlines & Legal Profession (2003)Advocacy and Competition Policy (2002)