Participants of the ICN Framework for Competition Agency Procedures hold inaugural meeting

On 5 June 2019, the International Competition Network (ICN) held the inaugural meeting of the participants of the ICN Framework for Competition Agency Procedures (CAP) in Paris. The first-term CAP Co-chairs were confirmed as: (i) the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, (ii) the German Bundeskartellamt, and (iii) the United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division.

The CAP is an opt-in implementation framework open to all ICN members and other competition authorities. The CAP contains fundamental procedural fairness principles that reflect the broad consensus within the global competition community across different legal and institutional frameworks. Participants are willing to adhere to these principles and cooperate in the implementation of the CAP.

The CAP introduces two procedures: 1) the CAP Cooperation Process, which facilitates agency-to-agency dialogue and 2) the CAP Review Process, which promotes transparency between participants by allowing them to share and explain important features of their systems.

Additional information related to the CAP can be found here.

A list of CAP participants is linked here.