Intersection of competition, consumer protection, and privacy

The relationship between competition and consumer laws and policies has been topical for a decade or more and, if anything, has become more complex. The additional interaction with privacy regulation has added a further dimension to this. In 2020, the ICN initiated a project to study the intersection of competition, consumer protection and privacy laws.

Recognising both the global nature of these issues, the global operations of some of the largest firms reliant on extensive data collection and use, and the value gained to the ICN through the sharing of experience and expertise of the Members, the project seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase the understanding of ICN members of how their fellow agencies consider the issues identified above which lie at the intersection of competition, consumer and privacy law enforcement
  • Share knowledge and expertise developed by ICN members in dealing with the issues identified above.

Project Work Product

Scoping Paper (2020)Issues Paper (2021)Summary of ICN member actions and policy responses (2021)