Non-Horizontal Mergers

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

The ICN Agency Effectiveness Working Group is organizing two economics teleseminars this year. The focus of these teleseminars is to bring the economic perspective into the debate by discussing challenges faced by economists working on enforcement cases. The first teleseminar is on non-horizontal mergers. The panellists will each be sharing their recent experiences in investigations involving non-horizontal mergers from an economic perspective. The questions they will address during the case presentations include:

  • What are examples of recent non-horizontal mergers that the agency has reviewed?
  • What were the theories of harm considered?
  • Which tools did the agency use to test those theories?
  • What did the agency conclude and why?


Ginette Sofía Lozano Maturana

Economist, Economic Affairs Group

Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Colombian Competition Authority


David Kovo

Chief Economist Team

DG Competition, European Commission


Tanya Tang Partner (Chief Economic and Policy Advisor)

Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP


Troy A. Waterman

Chief Economist

Barbados Fair Trading Commission



Ian Cass

Associate, The Brattle Group

Renée Duplantis

Principal, The Brattle Group

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