OECD Materials

OECD Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement (official versions available in English and French; also available in 22 other languages)

Designing tenders to reduce bid rigging – OECD brochure

Detecting Bid Rigging in Public procurement – OECD brochure

OECD Roundtable report: Collusion and Corruption in Public Procurement (2010) 

Unique public procurement materials and formats for raising cartel awareness

Presentation: Bid-Rigging – Awareness and Prevention – Canadian Competition Bureau – interactive presentation available in Flash, HTML and Printable versions

Presentation: Truquage des offres — Sensibilisation et prévention (in French) – Canadian Competition Bureau – interactive presentation available in Flash, HTML and Printable versions

The Real Truth about Numbers – Materials for procurement officers with a novel take to delivering the message about the impact of cartels (watch out for the hidden messages!) – Competition Commission of Singapore

E-presentation slides on “CCS & the Competition Act – What Procurement Officers Must Know” – Available here – Competition Commission of Singapore

Poster: Jogando Limpo (in Portuguese) – Brazilian competition authorities (CADE, SDE)

Sector specific effort, construction – UK Office of Fair Trading 

Detailed guides and guidance

Cartels: deterrence and detection – a guide for government procurement officers (with a “Purchaser’s Checklist” at 37-38) – Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Detecting, Mitigating and Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement - Guidelines & Checklist - Barbados Fair Trading Commission

Compras Públicas y Libre Competencia (in Spanish) – Chilean Fiscalía Nacional Económico (FNE)

Guía práctica para combatir la colusión en las licitaciones – Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio, Colombia

Manuela: Detectando y Previniendo Ofertas Colusorias en las Comparas Publicas (in Spanish) – Superintendencia de Competencia de El Salvador

Bid-rigging workshop materials – The Gambia Competition Commission

Bid Rigging, including warning signs (in Hungarian) – Hungarian Competition Authority

The Detection and Prevention of Collusive Tendering – Irish Competition Authority

Guidelines Regarding Prohibition of Conspiracy in Tenders – Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition, Indonesia

Guidelines on recognising and deterring bid rigging – New Zealand Commerce Commission

Guidelines for procurers – How to recognise and deter bid rigging – New Zealand Commerce Commission

Cartel Agreements in Public Procurement (in Slovak) – Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic

Guide on Government Procurement and Competition – Spanish National Competition Commission (CNC) 

Guía sobre Contratación Pública y Competencia (in Spanish) – Spanish Comisión Nacional de la Competencia

Cartels and the Competition Act 1998: A guide for purchasers – UK Office of Fair Trading

Making competition work for you: A guide for public sector procures of construction – UK Office of Fair Trading

Report: Evaluation of OFT enforcement in construction sector highlights improvements in awareness and behaviour (webpage summary) – UK Office of Fair Trading

Information note to procuring entities in the public and private sectors regarding the OFT’s decision on bid rigging in the construction industry – UK Office of Fair Trading

Short format materials, including checklist, presentations and brochures

Bid Rigging/Colusión en Licitaciones (description and outreach efforts, includes a Guía para la Detección de la Colusión, in Spanish) – Chilean Fiscalía Nacional Económico (FNE)

Advocacy booklet: Provisions Relating to Bid Rigging – Competition Commission of India

Presentation: Competition and Cartels in Public Procurement – Irish Competition Authority

Information Leaflet on the legal protection available in the field of public contracts – German Bundeskartellamt

Checklist regarding the information for review of a public contract – German Bundeskartellamt

Signs of Cartel agreements (in Danish) – Greenlandic Competition Authority 

Signs of Cartel agreements (in Greenlandic) – Greenlandic Competition Authority

Leaflet on bid rigging practices Act (in Japanese) – Japan Fair Trade Commission

How to recognize possible prohibited agreements in public procurement (in Lithuanian) – Lithuanian Competition Council

Presentation: Introduction to Bid Rigging in Public Procurement – Competition Commission of Mauritius

Bid Rigging: Detecting and preventing collusion in procurement – Netherlands Competition Authority

Bid Rigging: Detecting and preventing collusion in procurement (in Dutch) – Netherlands Competition Authority

Fact Sheet: How to recognise bid rigging – New Zealand Commerce Commission

Fact Sheet: How to deter bid rigging – New Zealand Commerce Commission

Brochure: Are You Smart? Do not rig bids in procurement (in Norwegian) – Norwegian Competition Authority

Poster: 10 warning signs for illegal bid rigging (in Norwegian) – Norwegian Competition Authority

Cartels, public procurement and contracts (in Portuguese) – Portuguese Autoridade da Concorrência

Leaflet: How to prevent, detect and report collusive tendering – South Africa Competition Commission

Twelve ways to detect bid-rigging cartels – Swedish Competition Authority

Purchaser Checklist –12 questions that purchasers should ask themselves when examining bids for public contracts (in Swedish) – Swedish Competition Authority

Honesty pays off – tips for how to spot collusive behavior in public procurements (also in Swedish) – Swedish Competition Authority

Red Flags of Collusion – U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division


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Detailed guides and guidance