What's New

The AWG recently launched the Benefits Platform!, a web-based toolbox integrated within the Advocacy Toolkit. This platform seeks to provide ICN members with knowledge, strategies and arguments for explaining the benefits of competition in support of their competition advocacy efforts toward government and non-governmental stakeholders. The platform currently focuses on “Explaining the benefits of competition to Government and legislators”, and it will be integrated with new sections related to business, media and the general public.

At the 2015 annual conference in Sydney, two other AWG work products were approved: the Competition Culture Project - Final Report and, as a complement to the Recommended Practices on Competition Assessment, a Framework of Competition Assessment Regimes, which provides a broad overview of the range of competition assessment regimes and processes that exist.


The mission of the Advocacy Working Group (AWG) is to undertake projects, to develop practical tools and guidance, and to facilitate experience-sharing among ICN member agencies, in order to improve the effectiveness of ICN members in advocating the dissemination of competition principles and to promote the development of a competition culture within society. Advocacy reinforces the value of competition by educating citizens, businesses and policy-makers. In addition to supporting the efforts of competition agencies in tackling private anti-competitive behaviour, advocacy is an important tool in addressing public restrictions to competition. Competition advocacy in this context refers to those activities conducted by the competition agency, that are related to the promotion of a competitive environment by means of non-enforcement mechanisms, mainly through its relationships with other governmental entities and by increasing public awareness in regard to the benefits of competition.

Contact Information

The Working Group is co-chaired by the Italian Competition Authority, the Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE), and the Swedish Competition Authority.

For more information about the AWG, please contact:

Ms. Karin Lunning
Director, International Department
Swedish Competition Authority

Mr. Graeme Jarvie
Senior Adviser
Swedish Competition Authority

Mr. Michele Pacillo
International Affairs Unit
Italian Competition Authority

Ms. Alessandra Tonazzi
Head of International Affairs Unit
Italian Competition Authority

Ms. Carolina Garayzar

Deputy Director General of International Affairs

Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE)